Please note:  FMC®, Food Managers Certification, FoodManagersCertification.com, has been Approved and Accredited for our ANAB-CFP FMC® CFPM Exams.

Step 1.  Piloting of the FMC CFPM exams.  Completed

Step 2.  ANAB Application process.  Completed

Step 3. ANAB Approval.  Completed 

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Step 4. Launch happening soon!!


FMC® CFPM Proctor Options

FMC currently offers 3 different forms of Proctoring we have set up for the CFPM exam. This will give you options on which form of proctoring to consider with your CFPM exam purchase.

  • EduProctor® On Site Proctors  – This option will be for Certified Food Manager candidates of Culinary Instructors or Individual Proctors who conduct on site proctoring.  This option is not currently available for individual candidates to purchase, yet.
  • Prometric Testing Centers –  This option will allow for Certified Food Manager candidates in most major cities to use Prometric Testing labs.
  • Prometric ProProctor – This option will allow for learners to use Remote Proctoring with Prometric.  


Welcome to the Food Managers Certification service for food managers. This food managers certification examination is for any food service manager who needs to obtain a certificate in order to work in a retail food establishment, or any individual who desires certification.

Food Managers Examination – This food manager examination tests you on the fundamentals of food safety for your food manager's card, license, permit or certificate. Once the examination has been completed, you will have proven your understanding of what foodborne illness is, how it is caused, and what you can do to help prevent it from occurring.

Once the examination is successfully completed, you will be able to immediately print a certificate for your records. Remember, these certificates must be kept on file at your place of employment.

NOTE: This food manager examination is offered in English only. No translators are allowed to participate durning the examination.